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Serkan Zanagar Photography

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My name is Serkan Zanagar. I’m from Istanbul, Turkey where east meets west. I live in East Dallas. Photography is my passion. I don’t just photograph subjects. I photograph the way they make me feel. It's hard to explain that. I consider myself as a visual narrator and documentarian. I hug trees, enjoy traveling and love music, especially jazz. Music and photography always worked in perfect harmony for me... If you ask me which of my photographs is my favorite - it's the one I'm going to take tomorrow. I have countless images currently in use by friends, musical artists, local businesses, blogs and social media, press including Dallas Observer and Dallas Morning News, D Magazine, Fort Worth Weekly, USA Today, Weather Channel, and various other local media and album covers. Ohh! Several of my pictures also have received awards from various competitions.

I would like to take pictures for you, collaborate with you to take the best picture possible for your portraits, your public event or private party, your wedding or new baby, even your beloved pets! To schedule something, visit my contact page.

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